Saturday, 7 March 2015

Seven Quick Takes 4 A Pregnant Lent

I decided to take up Kelly's invitation to share Lent in my own way and offer seven quick takes on why 2015 may just be my Best Lent Ever.

1. I'm unexpectedly pregnant in my mid-forties. My other children are 11 and 18. Surely that alone gives the blessed Zelie Martin a run for her money.

The big three:
2. Prayer. Lots of opportunity for spontaneous prayer. Oh God, how long am I going to be pregnant? Please let me get to the loo in time. Why is everyone around me suddenly so irritating?

3. Fasting. Being pregnant, I already can't eat anything I actually like. Spinach-yogurt-flax seed smoothie, anyone?

Maybe not today

4. Almsgiving. We got rid of most of our baby stuff years ago, so we're pretty much a charity case in that department. Plus, I have to give away a least a tithe's worth of our belongings so we have somewhere to put the baby.

5. Lots of opportunities to resist temptation, such as: speeding on campus because they're not real police, plus I can just tell them I have to get to the bathroom RIGHT NOW (see #2). Or, not snapping at the woman who thought it was OK to get into the elevator in front of me, even though she has all four limbs intact.

6. Following the "action" part of my Lenten study book is super easy.  Take time to contemplate the mysteries of creation. Glance down at belly. Check.  Put up with someone to the point of complaining today.  Ok, so about two minutes, then.

7. Need some sufferings to offer up? Pregnancy has it all. Nausea, vomiting, random excruciating pains. Worst of all, I have to grade essays without the aid of any alcohol whatsoever.

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