This is the short version of my blog story. If for some reason you want the longer version, please visit this blog post.

The Pen and the Spirit was the original title of this blog because the first version had two parts: a writing blog and a spiritual blog. The second incarnation - with the same name - was a blog dedicated to bringing the unusual and neglected in historical fiction, historical fiction writing, and classics to light. Life caused that to fall by the way...
And my third attempt, now The Runcible Pen, was born of a time that left me unable to work on any large projects, and has transitioned to being a blog that still shares news and views on literature, but has also transitioned to being about me (see below), except that my online philosophizing about life doesn't usually match the whining that happens in real life...

I'm a British expat, still longing for home. Still with plans to publish historical novels. My husband is a Texan mathematician, who works at Mississippi State University. I just 'retired' from ten years in the English Department there to take a work sabbatical. We have two girls - one at college, one a teen ... and a toddler boy! Needless to say, life and plans were turned upside down by baby number three, and the blog is perhaps one way of trying to make sense of being a new person in my mid-forties.

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