Friday, 9 September 2011

Historical Fiction News

Some interesting news from the latest issue of The Historical Novels Review, a publication of the Historical Novel Society.  After a successful fifteen years of conferences, an excellent quarterly review of all new UK and US historical fiction, and a lively magazine, Solander, they are gearing up to become a web-based society.

Among changes touted by the society's founder, Richard Lee, will be daily updates of news and book reviews, facebook links and twitter feeds, and, eventually, a searchable database of all reviews.  Check out the current website for a taste of what is already on offer, including the online review that covers ebooks, non-conventional presses and self-published novels.

The two covers in this post are of the latest books I and my daughter reviewed for the society.  Click on the images to learn more.

Carrie Vaughn's Steel

Amit Mujmadar's Partitions

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