Thursday, 14 April 2011

Elysium by Diane Scott Lewis

Fulfilling this blog’s mission to go beyond the prominent publishing houses and highlight authors worth reading, I’d like to introduce Diane Scott Lewis, fellow member of my historical fiction critique group.

Diane’s second novel takes the bold step of reimagining the story of Napoleon’s exile on St. Helena.  On this remote, volcanic island, Amélie Perrault, the daughter of Napoleon’s head chef, struggles with her low station in life and a fascination with the fallen French emperor. When her beautiful singing voice catches Napoleon’s attention, she is drawn into his clashes with the British jailers, court intrigues, and a burgeoning attraction for the emperor.

Napoleon is soured on love, yet this young woman’s selfless devotion tugs at his heart. After political maneuvers fail to release him from the island, he desires freedom no matter the risk—but will he desert the only woman who has loved him for himself?

Amélie suspects someone in their entourage is poisoning the emperor. Will she uncover the culprit in time and join in Napoleon’s last great battle plan, a dangerous escape?

Elysium is published by Eternal Press and is currently available in several ebook formats, including Kindle and EPub (which Nook supports), with a paperback to follow; check out Diane’s website for more news and information.

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  1. Susan, thank you so much for spotlighting me and my novel on your website. Ten years of extensive research brought me the details I needed to make this story realistic, as a "What If." If the right elements were in place, an excape might have happened.