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The story of my experiences with fiction writing and the harsh world of publishing is the same as my blog story, but here's the link again. I have made my peace with the muse (for the moment), plus now we have things like Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords, so I am slowly working on getting some of my novels into print. And...

First on the list is a 1930s gothic romance (in the old sense of the term) set in Dorset - just published (June 2020)! I'm currently updating this site in between work deadlines, but here's a link to the post with details, blurb and book trailer!
For information on the background to the novel, here is a post on the legends of Old Harry Rocks.
Available at Amazon - here are the links to and
My author URL at is

Free short story: The Art of Dying: a mystery set in medieval Florence.

Textbook: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight/ Ivanhoe

This is a curriculum unit published in the US by The Center for Learning, aimed at high schools, but suitable to adapt for home schools as well. I used many of the Center's publications before penning my own! This curriculum unit is based on my own experience teaching these texts in the classroom. The classic medieval poem is paired with Sir Walter Scott's popular novel to explore themes of chivalry and historical fiction alongside the standard skills of critical analysis. I was paid a flat fee for my work, so I am not fishing for more royalties by advertising this :)

If you're feeling scholarly: I have an essay in Awakening Words: John Bunyan and the Language of Community ed. David Gay et. al. It's titled "Pilgrims' Progresses: derivative texts and the seventeenth century reader."

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