Friday, 18 November 2011

History and Fiction

Thanks to author and critique partner Maggi Andersen for passing on this link: an interview with historical fiction authors Phillipa Gregory and Wayne Johnston on the topic of "truth, lies and historical fiction."  I'll get out of the way and let you enjoy it!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Blog News: English Historical Fiction Authors

Crossdressing women, ghostly chickens, riots in Georgian London, what to wear when you go shooting, feminist writers of the French Revolution: these are just a few of the topics covered thus far on the new blog, English Historical Fiction Authors.  The authors are an unusually eclectic bunch, publishing historical fiction of all genres, and in media from large presses to ebooks.  Men are also very well represented for a change!  And if that's not enough to get you to take a look, they even have a page for posts and short stories by readers.

Their blurb reads: 

Britain leaves us awed by ancient castles, palaces and museums. History pours out a legacy of battles, a developing monarchy, a structured class system, court-inspired behaviors and fashions, artwork and writings that have created an international hoard of Anglophiles. From among them have come forth those who feel that they must fuel the fire. Welcome to the happy home of English Period Authors. We have come together to share our historical work and to reach out to our appreciated readers.

I've added them to my blog list, and I think readers and writers of historical fiction will find them a useful and friendly resource.