Welcome! Dobrodošli!

Like my life, my online musings have been peripatetic (I always liked that word). My current website is susandcook.com, and focuses on my historical novels.

I'm not sure how/when this blog will move, but for now, feel free to roam!

Živjo! I'm Susan. I am a writer, editor, and, as far as this blog is (mostly) concerned, a British expat currently living in Slovenia.

When not sharing my inner life with books, my blog muses on life and travels in this part of the world (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria). We are a family with a small child, teenager, and college-age daughter who travels with us when she's here for the holidays, so we see these places from several different points of view. We are also pretty geeky, so if you are the sort of person who likes to go beyond the beaches and cafes to experience a place (and take some good reading along with you), you have found the right blog!

If you have a specific place or area in mind, take a look at the links on the right, or, for the latest on life at the edge of eastern Europe, head over to the blog.